About The System

Nakdi payment is a mobile application through which people can transfer money without entering their account information such as account name and number.


Challenges it solves

  • Online transactions are vulnerable to fraud

  • Money transferring takes at least 2 days    

  • There is no money transfer during holidays

  • To transfer money from one of your bank accounts, you have to use its specific application

  • There is no transferring from a bank account to a digital wallet

  • There is no transferring from a back to a different bank, it should be the same bank




Nakdi Pay doesn’t require credit card information or CVV. So, users merely provide a virtual payment address that provides no information about their bank account


Nakdi Pay operates 24 x7 so users can make the payment at any time. There are no restrictions on holidays or unusual hours

Real-time Transfer

It provides real-time money transfer to ensure immediate availability of funds to the beneficiary of the transaction 

Low Cost

It is less costly than traditional methods

Multiple Accounts

Nakdi Pay is one app for all bank accounts, as you can transfer money from any of your bank accounts to any bank 

Just One Click

You can easily transfer money from your bank account to a digital wallet

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