About The Software

It’s software that tracks manages and evaluates the shipping process for involved parties.

Industry: Logistics, e-commerce

Country: Saudi Arabia and Egypt



Shipping companies face a great deal of hassle, managing delegates, sellers, and inventories, such hassle causes:

  • A lack of efficient driver management 

  • Absence of end-to-end visibility over delegates 

  • Lack of transparency and accountability 

  • Manual order tracking and insufficient updates 

  • Ineffective management of resources 

  • Lost Deliveries 

  • Repetitive manual errors



Discussing with shipping companies about their problems with sellers, delegates, and shipping systems they used before, we designed a client-based software that tackles all their problems. We developed a system that automates the entire logistic process 

The system is composed of three components:

Shipping Company Interface

  • A great tool of communication between the shipping company, seller, and delegate so that orders and notifications are sent with just some clicks.

  • Real-time Reports to provide a clear overview of supply chain operations and performance.

  • Multiple Branches with their locations and responsible managers to easily manage logistics operations across different locations.

  • Advanced pricing policy that determines prices for customers based on goods size, weight, and region to customize prices for each customer.

  • Tracking ability to track the status of the shipment, starting from sending the merchant pick-up request until it is delivered to the customer.

Seller Interface

  • A Dashboard of all shipping and deliveries information.

  • Tracking the status of the shipment, starting from sending the merchant pick-up request until it is delivered to the customer.

  • Dashboard for all bills categorized according to their status: returns, receiving from inventory, or delivering to end-customer.

  • Wallet Dashboard including all receivables and payables.

Delegate Interface

  • Dashboard of all shipping and deliveries that assigned to the delegate

  • Digital Wallet that shows the total amount of money a delegate should receive and the amount he already received till the moment he sees the dashboard

  • Run-sheet and all destination lines assigned to the delegate per day.

  • Notifications for any change in shipping lines or new shipping requests

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