Senior Odoo Implementer

--Div Systems--

Job Description

As an employee of our company, you will collaborate with each department to create and deploy disruptive products. Come work at a growing company that offers great benefits with opportunities to move forward and learn alongside accomplished leaders. We're seeking an experienced and outstanding member of staff.

This position is both creative and rigorous by nature you need to think outside the box. We expect the candidate to be proactive and have a "get it done" spirit. To be successful, you will have solid solving problem skills.

Job Information

Specialization: Software Engineers  

Job Type:  Full Time

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, IS/IT, or Computer Science
  • Good knowledge of business processes & Accounting
  • Previous experience in Odoo implementation
  • Odoo Certified 
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Between 2 and 5 years of experience
  • Excellent planning and communication skills
  • Ability to learn fast and execute accordingly.
  • Fluent in English


  •  The implementer specialist meets the client's requirements.
  • Instructs and trains users on the use of Odoo solutions.
  • Good understanding of business and operational processes including Sales/purchase, human resources, payroll, and point of sale.
  • System analysis He has tasks to help the project manager to leads a session to collect data, documents, and other information and create specifications that describe how the system will be implemented for the client.
  •  Following the meetings, the specialist implements a project plan and schedule that lists each task in the implementation project, the person with accountability for the task, and the task's due date.
  • Specialists distribute the project plan to the entire team to get their feedback and confirm the project milestone dates.
  • Troubleshoot and respond to system requests by providing detailed resolutions to supported customers within the pre-determined time frame of the contracted service level agreement.
  • Follow through with customers whose issues are not closed to Identify solutions to work around open issues that are under investigation or pending resolution to the tickets assigned by a Team Lead or Manager.
  • Complete, and maintain all company paperwork in a timely, accurate, and efficient manner alongside the company’s guidelines.